Scion Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Scion Vehicles for Towing?

Some manufacturers have been known to launch luxury brands but there are some who will release a brand directed at other demographics such as the younger driver. This is the case with Scion which is a marque of Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota.

In 1999 Toyota decided they wanted to try and draw a younger crowd of customers so they embarked on a project known as Genesis. This was focused on the U.S. market and the goal was to create a marque within a marque.

They were aiming to create and market compact and coupe models to a younger set of customers. This project led to models such as the Toyota Echo, MR-2, and Celica. It didn’t work and the project was dropped in 2001.

The problem was the Toyota name so they realized they needed a whole new marque. Project Exodus was launched and a trendy LA based digital design company was hired. Ultimately Exodus would become known as Scion.

This new Scion marque was marketed as a youth brand and was officially launched in 2002 at the New York Auto Show. Two concept vehicles were designed: the bbX (became the xB) and the ccX (became the tC.) When these models went into production they were originally only available in 105 dealerships in California.

Officially Scions went on sale in 2003 and for the next decade or so several models were released to mixed results. Their sales peaked around 2006 but thereafter were stagnant. In 2016 the Scion marque was officially discontinued as Toyota decided they no longer needed a youth brand.

There have only been eight Scion models which have tended toward the compact and sporty vehicle types. The question then is, can Scion cars offer us any towing capacity? In theory there is no reason that most Scion models cannot offer up something in the way of towing although it certainly wasn’t a consideration in their design.

You will have to have a towing package fitted to the Scion to make use of what extra power it has for towing and you might want to check with your dealer for estimates on their towing power. As it was not a concern initially Scion itself never bothered to offer up a potential tow rating.

It is highly likely that for most Scions you won’t get more than 1,000 lbs. of towing power. Chances are it may be less than that which precludes anything bigger than a small lightly loaded trailer. At best you might be able to use this youthfully targeted brand to move a small studio apartment of belongings.