Lincoln Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Lincoln Vehicles for Towing?

Lincoln is a luxury car division within Ford but started out life as its own company. A competitor to the likes of Buick and Cadillac it is well known for producing luxury vehicles and sells close to 200,000 vehicles worldwide every year.

In August of 1917 Henry Leland and his son Wilfred founded the Lincoln Motor Company which unsurprisingly was named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. According to Henry Leland Abraham Lincoln was the first president for whom he had voted in his life.

Leland had already been part of the founding of Cadillac which he had sold in 1909 to General Motors. Henry stayed on as a Cadillac executive at General Motors but then had a falling out with GM’s president William Durant.

A $10 million contract to build Liberty V12 aircraft engines for the war effort was how Leland funded Lincoln. In 1920 with the war over, the company reorganized to become an automotive manufacturer. The first model off the assembly line was the Lincoln Model L.

The company struggled early on with some customers waiting over a year to receive their cars. In 1922 they were on the verge of bankruptcy when Henry Ford swooped in and purchased Lincoln for $8 million. This was roughly half the company's actual worth.

This purchase held special importance to Ford as Leland had been one of the investors who drove him out of his first company the Henry Ford Company which later became Cadillac. Initially the Lelands stayed on as executives but within a few months were driven out.

With a range of large powerful luxury models the question is can Lincoln vehicles offer up any towing power? Lincolns are often used as high end transport for the rich and famous so you might not think they would be much use at towing but this would of course be incorrect.

There are a number of models of Lincoln that have some impressive towing power. The Navigator for example is a large and very heavy SUV but it has some serious pulling power up to 8,700 lbs. depending on model year and trim.

Also impressive is the Aviator which as an all-wheel drive can manage up to 6,700 lbs of towing power. The Corsair as well has some towing power of around 3,000 lbs. As with all vehicles check your model for its tow rating and to find out whether a tow package needs to be fitted.