RAM Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are RAM Vehicles for Towing?

Sometimes a car model becomes so popular it becomes its own brand and this is certainly the case with RAM. Offering light to mid-weight trucks they have become known for high quality and amazing utility capabilities.

RAM is an offshoot of the Dodge brand which was founded in Detroit in 1900 by Horace and John Dodge. Initially parts suppliers it would be 14 years before they made their own cars. In 1920 just as the Dodge Brothers were really making an impact both of them tragically died.

The widows of the Dodge brothers sold the company to Chrysler where they expanded an already existing truck line to become leaders in light truck building. Up until the 1970s Dodge had a separate marque for their trucks, Fargo Trucks. After the '70s however the Dodge name was attached to all trucks.

The first RAM trucks were essentially modified D-series pickups and rolled off the assembly line in 1976. They developed an impressive reputation and the cool name certainly helped a great deal as well to popularize the model.

After Chrysler filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009 big changes took place not the least of which was a mass relaunch of several brands including Jeep, Dodge, SRT and of course RAM. The Ram truck division officially launched as its own brand in 2010 spinning away from Dodge.

Formerly Dodge Ram pickups, they now were produced solely as Ram pickups. So now we come to the question, and we almost don’t need to answer it, but do Ram vehicles have the ability to tow? Well in case it wasn’t already obvious the answer is yes. Ram trucks can tow, in fact they can often tow a lot.

Ram trucks vary in towing power although they all have some level of towing pedigree. At present the most powerful is the RAM 3500 Reg Cab DRW 2WD which when fitted with a 6.7L I-6 TD HO engine can pull up to 35,100 lbs. You will need a towing package fitted however to make use of this awesome power.

Even the most basic light-truck from RAM can manage in excess of 6,000 lbs. of towing. Many can manage over 10,000 lbs. and depending on the engine you have fitted obviously this can be much higher. You will likely need a towing package fitted which is often extra.

The answer then is that RAM vehicles will tow and some of them can virtually pull a small house or probably definitely one of those trendy tiny houses.