Land Rover Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Land Rover Vehicles for Towing?

The iconic British auto manufacturer Land Rover is known predominantly for four-wheel drive off road suitable vehicles. A brand with Royal pedigree in 1951 King George VI granted the Land Rover a Royal Warrant making it an official supplier of vehicles to the royal family of the UK .

The land Rover brand started out as a model produced by the Rover Company who itself started life in 1885 making bicycles. It would later branch out into cars with the first Land Rover design coming along in 1947.

Maurice Wilks the chief engineer of Rover was at home on his farm working with his brother Spencer who was the company's managing director. Using a Jeep chassis and axles the prototype was nicknamed the Center Steer.

The company had a large stock of military surplus paint which had been used for airplane cockpits. This meant that all early Land Rovers were painted in some shade of light green, a color still available today for the more nostalgic purchasers.

Starting with the series I Land Rovers all of the early models featured sturdy box sectioned chassis. The model proved so popular that by 1978 Land Rover was launched as its own brand. Rover of course was still the parent company.

Over the years Land Rover developed a reputation not only for sturdy off road vehicles but also with its Royal pedigree an added expectation for luxury. This luxury however never got in the way of creating a tough off road capable vehicle.

So can rugged Land Rover vehicles be relied upon to tow if you need them to? You only have to look at a Land Rover to realize that it surely can be used to tow if needs be but just how much pulling power can they offer?

Obviously with various Land Rover models available over the years some are stronger than others so this can be a very vehicle dependent factor. At the top end of the towing range you have models such as the Defender and Discovery each of which can be relied upon to pull up to 8,200 lbs. maximum.

Some of the more mid-range Land Rovers range from 3,000 – 7,000 lbs in pulling power with more compact models like the Freelander still managing 2500 lbs. The truth is most Land Rovers can tow a decent amount of weight when called upon but some may also require a tow package to be fitted.