Infiniti Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Infiniti Vehicles for Towing?

A relative newcomer to the market, Infinity is a luxury vehicle division of the already established car company Nissan. The parent company Nissan was founded in 1914 by Masujiro Hashimoto in Japan.

Understanding that the American market did not associate Nissan with luxury vehicles the company still wanted to compete against premium vehicle segments in the country. This is why they created the Infinity brand introducing it in the US in 1989. This was around the same time that Toyota created Lexus and Honda introduced Acura.

The initial launch featured two models, the Q45 and the M30 which had already been on sale in Japan. The Q45 was based on the JDM Nissan President and it offered features that were competitive with Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Cadillac luxury models of the time.

They did not initially offer a mid-luxury sedan at the time so fell behind Honda’s Acura Legend in that aspect of the market. Lexus beat Infiniti to punch with their ES before finally they caught up with the Infiniti J30.

Over the years the company progressed taking models from their standard Nissan ranges and creating luxury versions to sell as Infinity brands. In the early 2000s instability in the automotive markets of Japan and a waning view of Infiniti led them to a reboot of sorts.

Infiniti decided to push their focus onto sporty luxury cars and things started to improve with this new direction. Nissans reputation in Japan for premium level performance sedans really helped with the resurgence of Infiniti.

The question we now have is does Infiniti have much to offer in terms of towing power from their premium sporty luxury models? Well thankfully as most of their luxury Infiniti range came from the basis of a standard Nissan there is room for some utility in the machines.

During the '90s most of the company's sedans were more than capable of at least 1,000 of towing range if needed. In terms of more recent models Infiniti has crossovers such as the QX60 and the QX50 AWD. The QX60 can manage up to 5,000 lbs. of towing weight and the QX50 can pull up to 3,000 lbs.

The brand also has the QX80, an SUV which can offer 8,500 lbs. of towing power. You may need an additional towing package in order to actually utilize this pulling power so you may need to verify this with your dealer.