Acura Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Acura Vehicles for Towing?

Acura is a luxury, performance auto company that is connected to Honda. Primarily a North American based arm of the company, they produce models such as the Integra, MDX and RDX. Launched in the mid 1980s it was Honda’s answer to competitors such as Nissan and Toyota who had also created premium brands.

Designed to be luxurious and have high performance levels it is hardly surprising to learn that the brand has taken part in a number of racing competitions and has a great record for victories. With wins in the Lights Championship and at the Daytona 24 Hours the performance aspect of Acura certainly lives up to the hype.

The big question now stands, does this performance aspect of the Acura brand lend itself to towing? You may not equate a luxury car brand with having towing capacity but you might be surprised when it comes to the Acura.

It’s true in the early days of the brand, during the early '90s models such as the Legend, Integra and Vigor didn’t have much in the way of towing power. Until 1993 the best you could hope for from an Acura was 1500 lbs of towing power but more often than not 1000 lbs. was the maximum.

Starting in 1994 however the Legend model stepped up to 2000 lbs. in capacity and this would be the maximum from an Acura until 1999. The 1999 model Acura SLX really stepped up the game offering 5,000 lbs. of towing power.

As of 2022 there are a few models that can match 5,000 lbs. but this is the current maximum listed for the brand. Several of the models that offer this maximum rate also come with all wheel drive so in truth Acura can be both luxurious and practical when needed.

The brand produces sport compacts, sedans, supercars and of course racing models. Additionally though they have crossovers and SUVs among their ranges which are not only luxurious but also offer the performance needed to tow.

When it comes to the crossovers and SUV models they come ready to do a little heavy pulling so generally they do not require the addition of a towing package. Other models may be capable of some level of towing if you were to fit a towing package but you would need to consult an expert. They would also likely be on the lower side of the tow power rating so they would be limited.