Chrysler Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Chrysler Vehicles for Towing?

When the Maxwell Motor Company found themselves in difficulty in the early 1920s after almost two decades in business they needed some help. They called in Walter Chrysler who had recently turned around the flagging fortunes of Willy-Overland Car Company.

On June 6, 1925 after a reorganization of Maxwell, Chrysler rebranded the company into the Chrysler Corporation. Over a year earlier Walter had launched the very well received Chrysler Six. Well-engineered and affordable, it was based on a prototype that Walter had been working on at Willy's.

The Chrysler Six featured elements such as a carburetor air filter, high compression engine, full pressure lubrication, and an oil filter. The reason this was so groundbreaking was that other autos of the time lacked these extras.

It was the end for the Maxwell brand of vehicles as moving forward the company only created Chryslers. Some of the early models admitted were rebadged Maxwells. Just 11 years later the company that was struggling now had a new name and was the second most sold car in the United States. It would hold onto this spot until 1949.

As the years went by Chrysler stayed on the cutting edge of innovation to keep itself ahead of most of the competition. In 1955 they announced the development of the world's first all-transistor car radio. Offered as a $150 option on the 1956 Imperial automobile it was created in partnership with Philco.

So what can Chrysler offer you in terms of towing power? Well the brand is not really known for prowess in this department. The current lines for example do not even list tow ratings although they probably would be capable of something.

If we go back a few years we do have the Durango which technically comes under the Dodge branch of Chrysler but in some trim levels could tow upwards of 8,700 lbs. In 2021 the Pacifica, which is a Chrysler, was rated at 3,600 lbs. of towing power.

The current Chrysler 300 has a big 5.7L HEMI V-8 which can put out some serious power and torque. It clearly wasn't designed with towing in mind but with that power plant you have to imagine it would be capable of towing given the right modifications.

It is conceivable that most Chryslers can produce some level of towing power but most would need a towing kit fitted. It is always wise to research your specific model and perhaps ask an expert if it may be suitable for use in that manner.