Bentley Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Bentley Vehicles for Towing?

Many may have heard the name Bentley but most of us will probably never have been inside one as these are a very high end vehicle. Bentley Motors Limited is a British auto designer that creates luxury cars and SUVs.

Founded as Bentley Motors Limited in 1919 its founder was engineer W.O. Bentley. Walter Owen Bentley, to give him his full name, partnered with his brother Horace Millner Bentley before World War I to sell French cars in London, England. W.O. however had aspirations to make his own cars and on the same day the Paris Peace Conference ended the first world war the Bentley brothers registered Bentley Motors Ltd.

Success in engine innovation during the war set the brothers up for success and they quickly set to designing their first car. Released in September 1921 their first cars quickly gained a reputation for durability and became popular for hill climbing races.

As with many major car companies with a long history Bentley has a foray into motor racing and saw some success over the years in various racing disciplines and championships. Between 1923 and 1930 Bentley cars won no fewer than 5 times at the Le Mans 24 race.

Resplendent with the iconic winged B logo Bentleys are known for being high luxury vehicles and have been associated with Rolls Royce several times over the years. The general perception of Bentley is more akin to land yacht in that they are large and are considered smooth to drive.

With powerful engines and generally high levels of torque people may be wondering if you could use a Bentley to tow something. In truth the image of a high value Bentley towing a trailer behind it may seem almost blasphemous but they are more than capable of doing so for the most part.

The Bentayga for example is the brand's SUV model and it has a maximum towing capacity of around 7,716 lbs. As befits a car of luxury however you do have two towing options when you buy a Bentayga either a fixed or a retractable tow bar. I mean if you are driving a Bentley you probably don’t want something as common as a tow bar at the back end.

Other Bentley models such as the Flying Spur will lack a tow bar but this does not mean that they are unable to tow in theory. Always check with your manufacturer who can better tell you whether or not a towing kit could be fitted and how much the model could conceivably pull if needed.

Bentleys can tow, especially the Bentayga SUV model. The trouble is if you have a luxury Bentley do you really want to tow something behind it and detract from the vehicle itself?