FIAT Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are FIAT Vehicles for Towing?

FIAT cars are well known for being compact, agile and often a fun drive and are one of Europe’s top selling automotive brands. With a long and storied history the company has come through war and hard times.

Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino, better known as FIAT, was founded on July 11th 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli and a few other members. The first plant opened in 1900 with an initial staff of 35 people who produced the first 24 Fiat cars known as the FIAT 3 ½ CV.

This small team quickly became known for their talent and engineering creativity leading to 1903 being the first year FIAT made a profit. With 135 cars built in 1903 by 1906 the factory was producing 1149 units a year.

In 1903 the company produced its first ever truck and within 5 years would make their first exports to the United States. In 1908 the company also branched out into airplane engines.

By 1910, just over a decade into being in business, FIAT was the largest automotive company in Italy. This was the same year that a new manufacturing plant was opened in Poughkeepsie, NY. The company's prominence in the U.S. by this time had made owning one of their cars a sign of distinction.

In 1921 there was a brief disruption of the company's operations in Italy when workers seized the company's plants and raised the red flag of Communism over them. It took intervention by the Italian Socialist Party and its ally organization, the Italian General Confederation of Labor, to reach an accord between Agnelli and his work force.

When World War II broke out in Europe the company switched to making military vehicles first for the Italian forces and later for Germany. This alliance with the government during the war however led to strife for FIAT. When Mussolini was overthrown in 1943 the National Liberation Committee removed the Agnelli family from their leadership roles.

So does this company that today is known for its compact vehicles have any pedigree when it comes to towing? Well if you are in the US then chances are you won't get much joy towing with your available vehicle line. European customers however have access to the FIAT Fullback, a pickup truck which can tow up to 3,100 kg or around 6,800 lbs.

The smaller compact FIAT models available in the US are not really conducive with towing although some may be capable of some light work. Check with your dealership to find out whether or not your model has any level of tow rating and if a tow kit can be affixed to the vehicle.