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How Good are Jeep Vehicles for Towing?

From an army slang word to an automotive brand known around the world, Jeep has a history born in war that has endured for decades. With an estimated worth of between $22 and 33.5 billion it is a brand that is part of the Chrysler company.

With an imminent entry into World War II looming in the U.S, the government reached out to 135 automotive companies looking to have them pitch potential prototypes. Only two were able to do so: American Bantam Car Company and Willys-Overland.

The deadline was very restrictive so Willys requested more time, the army said no so it was left to Bantam who reached out to Karl Probst, a talented freelance designer from Detroit. Probst turned them down initially but the army made an official request for him to take the role.

It took Probst just two days to complete the blueprints for the new military 4x4 which could be assembled from already available parts. It met all of the army’s requirements except for torque. Believing that Bantam didn’t have the infrastructure to mass produce the design the army took the Bantam design to Willys and Ford for production.

All three manufacturers, Bantam, Willys and Ford produced 1500 units to undergo army testing. Willys modified the design and added one of their existing more powerful engines so they won the first round of testing. The contract that the army signed with Willys allowed them to have Ford build from their design as well due to the important needs of the war effort.

In 1943 having been so successful with the military contract Willy’s decided to go all in with this model. The vehicle which had been dubbed Jeep, a slang term for new recruits and equipment which arose during the first world war, now offered the new name for Willys.

So can this brand forged in war be any good for towing? Well given that its forbears likely towed heavy artillery and other supplies during the second world war there is definitely some pedigree there. This pedigree has certainly carried on over the years.

If we jump forward to the early 1990s the Jeep Comanche in 1991 had the capability to tow up to 9,820 lbs. This is likely the strongest Jeep model but over the years several have managed in excess of 7,000 lbs. which for a brand that has become more trendy than utility is pretty impressive.

As with all vehicles check with your dealership to find out what your model is rated for and whether or not you need to have a towing kit fitted. The vast majority of Jeeps should have some towing capabilities however which just makes sense given their origins.