Aston Martin Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Aston Martin Vehicles for Towing?

The legendary English luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has quite the pedigree from roles in major motion pictures and even a Royal warrant as the purveyor of vehicles to King Charles III. Established in 1982 this warrant was first issued by the King when he was still Prince of Wales.

Considered a cultural icon in Britain the brand is associated with the super cool secret agent James Bond featuring first in Goldfinger but making appearances in later films as well.

The company was founded in 1913 by race car driver Lionel Martin and engineer Robert Bamford. Martin would often race at Aston Hill so when the pair started to make cars together the name Aston Martin was an obvious choice.

Known for their high performance luxury sports cars it is not surprising that the company has a rich racing history in numerous championships even reaching the peaks of Formula One. Their first entrance to Formula One was between 1959 – 1960 although they struggled for success. After years of false start however they made their return in 2021 finishing a respectable 7th in the constructors championship.

So with such an epic reputation for high performance can Aston Martin Sports cars be used for towing? Well the answer may surprise you especially when you stop to look at an Aston Martin. They are generally sporty looking cars that you could never imagine towing anything behind.

An Aston Martin DBX can actually tow an impressive 2700kg which translates to 5952 lbs. This is true for DBX model years 2020 – 2022 but you may want to confirm that the model you have purchased has this capability.

As Aston Martins are not really considered towing type vehicles you may have to have a towing kit fitted as there may not be an automatic trailer hitch on the vehicle. When it comes to the potential of an Aston Martin being used for towing it will really depend on the model.

With certain models they may be too close to the ground to be efficient for towing even if they have the required theoretical power and torque to tow. Always check with the manufacturer to see if your specific model would be suitable for any level of towing.

Ultimately the answer to whether or not an Aston Martin can tow is that it really depends on what you have. They certainly usually have the power and torque required to do some level of towing although there will be limitations and Astons are simply more for looks and speed than utility.