Dodge Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Dodge Vehicles for Towing?

It was in Detroit in 1900 that two brothers, Horace and John Dodge, founded the Dodge Brothers Company. They started out manufacturing precision engine and chassis components for the existing Detroit automobile companies such as Olds Motor Vehicle Company and the Ford Motor Company.

Ford's founder Henry Ford chose the Dodge brothers to supply multiple components for his Model A including the whole chassis. In exchange for $10,000 worth of goods Ford offered the brothers a 10% share in his company.

After years of creating parts for other companies the brothers decided in 1913 that they could make parts for themselves and put the cars together as well. In 1914 John and Horace had designed their first car. It was a four-cylinder touring car known as the Dodge Model 30-35. It was marketed as an upmarket competitor to Ford's Model T.

This initial car was one of the first with an all steel body doing away with the wooden frames of the past. It also has a 12V electrical system which was ahead of its time considering that until the 1950s most companies were still using a 6V setup.

It was in 1914 that the Dodges finally sold their Ford shares back to the company making 25 million in the deal. Things were going well and they were about to get better as the performance of their vehicles during wartime brought them great acclaim.

In 1920 Dodge was the second highest selling car company of the year but it was still to be a year of tragedy. John Dodge died in January with his brother dying in December the same year. Left in the hands of their widows and long time employee Frederick Hayes the momentum stalled.

Now we come to the big question: can Dodge vehicles tow? At present there are three models under the Dodge brand two of which are muscle cars known as the Charger and the Challenger. These are fantastic cars in their own right but realistically speaking they are probably a poor choice for towing.

There is a third Dodge however and this one is different because it is an SUV. The Durango, regardless of the chosen engine, can manage 8,700 lbs. of towing capacity. This ideal for a travel trailer, a sailboat or a broken down friend who needs a tow home.

The two muscle cars do not offer tow ratings and likely their low ground clearance would preclude them from towing anything. The Charger and the Challenger then should just be kept as they are, a fun load toy. The Durango however is what you need if you have some towing to perform.