Audi Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Audi Vehicles for Towing?

The German based Audi motor company is known for producing luxury, often high performance vehicles. With a long history in motor vehicles the company has developed a reputation for quality and impressive design.

The Audi we know today started out life as a company called A Horch & Cie., which was founded in 1899. Over the years founder August Horch moved and reinvented the company and joined with several partners.

In 1909 one of Horch’s former partners sued him for trademark infringement and won, meaning that Horch could no longer use his own name in his company title. Horch’s clever son however suggested that "Horch" which in German means hark or hear, in the singular imperative was audire. This led to the name change to Audi. In 1910 the first vehicle to bear the Audi name was released and called the Audi Type A.

Over the next couple of decades a series of mergers with other companies such as Dampf-Kraft-Wagen, Rickenbacker and Wanderer would lead to the iconic four circle logo we associate with Audi to this day.

So with a reputation for luxury vehicles which are often high end in purchase price can you use an Audi to tow? The very simple answer to this question is a resounding yes because as well as high performance sedans, cabriolets and coupes Audi also has SUVs amongst its range.

The Audi Q7 is the company's SUV model and it has a pretty decent tow rating of 4,400 lbs with a standard 2.0L 1-4 engine. If however you choose the 3.0L V6 engine option you can up that tow rating to 7,700 lbs. which is more than decent.

Other models such as the Q5, e-tron and Q8 can also be used for towing although they often do not feature towing capacity in their technical specs. Generally speaking these more performance vehicles can tow around 4,000 lbs. but may require an additional towing kit to be fitted.

Always check with the car manufacturer however to determine whether or not your vehicle may be suitable for some light towing if they do not list this already. Just because the car has the power and torque does not mean that their design will lend itself to pulling something behind it.

As a general rule the more powerful the engine you have in your Audi the more it can theoretically tow so if you intend to at some point use it for towing then you should opt for the highest rated engine option.