Ford Towing Capacity by Model

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How Good are Ford Vehicles for Towing?

The Ford Motor Company is arguably one of the most recognizable automotive manufacturers in the world. With a massive range of vehicles throughout its almost 120 year history Ford has dabbled in almost all aspects of automotive design.

The precursor to Ford was the Henry Ford Company which was founded in 1901 by Henry Ford himself with the assistance of some investors. Differences with these investors saw Ford ousted from the company he founded in order to start over. That original company became Cadillac and Henry would go on to greatness.

In 1903 the Ford Motor Company was launched using $28,000 from a group of 12 investors among them John and Horace Dodge who would go on to found Dodge. Initially Ford was not president of his own company but instead went to banker John S. Gray to soothe concerns from the investors.

It was a slow build for Ford as its manufacturing process was initially progressing at a snail's pace. Within the decade however Henry Ford would refine the assembly line concept vastly speeding up their production. Between 1903 – 1908 Ford produced 8 models the A, B, C, F, K, N, R and S with hundreds to thousands of each being sold per year.

In 1932 the company took a huge step forward by creating the first low-priced car with a V-8 engine, vastly opening up their potential consumer base. A few years later in 1939 they also started to create more premium models offering luxury to rival Cadillac and Buick.

During World War II both Ford and its German subsidiaries created vehicles for the war effort. The German based arm of the company however was creating military vehicles for the German forces and many workers were used as forced labor.

So we come to the question: can Ford vehicles be used to tow? The answer is a resounding yes because the list of Ford models and trims that offer some level of tow rating since 1991 is extremely long. The best tow ratings of course from the company's truck range.

You are probably wondering just how much can a Ford truck pull? Well as of 2022 the strongest truck in their range is the Ford Super Duty F-450 which with over 900 lb-ft of torque maxes out at a whopping 37,000 lb. max trailering capacity.

There are plenty of trucks to choose from in the Ford range and even many normal Ford vehicles are capable of some level of towing. Always check with your dealer to find out what your vehicle can handle and whether or not you need to or can fit a towing kit.